MNCS – N. Medianus

Position of limb:

Patient supine, sitting or reclining. Elbow extended or slightly flexed, forearm supinated, (palm of the hand facing upward), wrist in a neutral position. Fingers in a neutral, relaxed position, slightly flexed.

Type of recording electrodes: Surface plate electrodes.

Placement of recording electrode:

At the midpoint of a line drawn from the first metacar­po-phalan­geal joint and the insertion of the tendon of m. flexor carpi radialis.

Placement of reference electrode:

At the distal interphalangeal joint of the thumb

Type of stimulating electrodes:

Surface electrodes on a fixed bar.

Stimulation sites:

·         Palm

·         Wrist, 80 mm proximal to the recording electrode (measured obliquely, along the course of the nerve)

·         Elbow

·         Upper arm

·         Supra­clavicular region


The Martin-Gruber anomaly occurs in many normal subjects. If a Martin-Gruber anomaly is present, special techniques are required to measure the conduction velocity.










Source: Uppsala, Sweden