Configure MS-SQL Server

MS-SQL is available from Microsoft and is not a part of the Cross neuro Database Installation.
MS-SQL and MS-SQL Express version 2012 and later are supported.

An ODBC driver for MS-SQL needs to be installed on each client.
Install ODBC driver for MS-SQL instructions.

Follow these steps to configure the MS-SQL Database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio'

1) Right Click on the Server name in the Object Explorer.
Select 'Connections' and ensure 'Allow remote connections to this server' is enabled.

2) Right Click on 'Logins' in the Object Explorer to add a new user.
Select Windows authentication (no password required when using Cross Neuro DB - recommended, or SQL Server Authentication (password required each time Cross Neuro DB is started).
Ensure 'Enforce password policy' is unchecked.

3) Select 'Server Roles' for the user.
Check 'sysadmin' for a user that shall be allowed to Create a new database and perform an Import.

4) For a user that only is allowed to do Data mining functions in Cross Neuro DB:
Uncheck 'sysadmin' in Server Roles.
Select 'User Mapping'.
Select the database and check 'db_owner'.