Muscle Man


The EMG System offers an EMG Findings function, where it's possible to set an interpretation for each investigated muscle.
A table, with muscle names, interpretations and parameter scorings is included in the EMG Report.
The Muscle Man is created automatically and inserted into the report, based on the muscle names and interpretations in the EMG Findings table.
For each muscle, the Interpretation is converted into a color code and presented graphically.

Supported EMG systems

Muscle Man is compatible with the following EMG systems:
  • Keypoint®Net


Read about installation here.

Prepare EMG System


  • Start Keypoint.Net and go to Options - System - Report
  • Perform the steps below for each Report template:
  • Ensure that the EMG Findings report block exists. If it doesn't, it must be added.
  • Insert a 'Microsoft Word Section' Report Element.
  • Click [Edit] or [Create] and type <MuscleMan> in MS-Word. Do not hit Enter or any other characters.

  • Close MS-Word.
  • Leave the Description field empty. Click [OK].
  • Change the added 'Microsoft Word Section' name to 'Muscle Man'.
  • Move the 'Muscle Man' report block up to its correct location.

Application Setting

  • In Keypoint.Net, go to Options - Applications.
  • Perform the steps below for each Application Setting:
  • Open the Application Setting for editing, by double clicking on its name.
  • Go to 'Test Template Design'.
  • Select 'EMG Findings'. If it does not exist, it must be added using [*].
  • Ensure that the Intepretation column is enabled:

Using Muscle Man

  • Create or open a study containing EMG Findings.
  • Create a new Report, displayed in MS-Word.
  • If an EMG Findings table is included in the report with the Interpretation column activated, the muscle man will automatically be inserted at the specified location (see Prepare EMG System)
  • The created results are saved with the report.
  • If data are updated in, e.g. muscles added or intepretations changed, select [New Report] in Keypoint.Net to refresh the muscle man.
  • Tips: To show only a part of the muscle man, use the 'Crop' tool in Word.
    To keep the interpretation explanation list, first make a copy of the full muscle man. Then crop, zoom and position the two images.


Read more about EMG Findings and Muscle Man here.

Files and Folders

Files and folders Purpose
C:\program (x86)\EMG Report Elements Application executable files.
This folder is removed during Uninstall (Program and Functions).
C:\Users\[myName]\AppData\Local\Stalberg Software\EMG Report Elements\License.xml Contains license settings. Removing this file requires a new Activation procedure. Save your Product Key, Module Key and activation code.
C:\Users\[myName]\AppData\Local\Stalberg Software\EMG Report Elements\MuscleMan.xml Contains muscle names, interpretations and colors. Edit this file if neccessary. If this file is removed, it is created with default settings.


  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Microsoft .NET framework, version 4 or later
  • MS-Word 2007, 2010 or later
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime