EMG Simulator Software


This program is not linked to any EMG Equipment and can therefore be used on any Windows computer.

EMG Simulator is a professional education and research tool. The MUP is generated as the sum of individual muscle fibre action potentials in the motor unit. The contribution from each muscle fibre is calculated on the basis of up to date knowledge from literature. Operation: the position of motor unit fibres are generated randomly by the software. A number of fiber parameters (diameter, jitter) motor unit parameters (number of fibres, position of individual fibres, end-plate localization, number of motor units, firing threshold for motor units and recording parameters (type of electrode, position of the electrode in the muscles) can be changed optionally by the user. Therefore pathological situations of myopathic, neurogenic or myasthenic conditions can be simulated. Most of the common situations seen in an EMG lab can be simulated. The EMG Simulator is been used as a strong tool in EMG education and also for scientific studies of the relation between motor unit topography and the EMG signal. It has increased the understanding of EMG for the student and for the expert.