MNCS Simulator Software

This program is not linked to any EMG Equipment and can therefore be used on any Windows computer.

MNCS Neurography Simulator is a professional educational tool to explain nerve function in Motor Nerve Conduction studies.


  • Design your own nerve model graphically
  • Place and move recording electrode
  • View the simulated MNCS recording
  • Use on any Windows computer
  • Distal and proximal stimulations
  • Pathologic segments with axonal slowing or conduction block
  • F-Waves
  • Short segment studies (SSS)
  • Hyperexcitable segments (A-waves)
  • Excitability studies

MNCS Simulator Article

Demonstration of conduction block: Proximal, distal stim and short segment studies across elbow (red line):

Demonstration of pure axonal loss. Proximal and distal responses decrease with decreasing# axons. No change in NCV: