Install EMG Report Elements

The EMG Report Elements program contains both the 'Muscle Man' and 'My Report Elements'.

  • A full MS-Word version is required to run EMG Report Elements.
    It will not together with Word Viewer.

  • Ensure to be logged in to Windows as the user who is going to use the program,
    since the installation/activation is done per user.

  • Visit Order and order the number of licenses you need.
  • You will receive a Product Key in an email, required to activate the program.
  • Download the EMG Report Elements installer package from Download
    Many Internet browsers will warn about a downloaded installer file for safety reasons.
    Confirm and accept to keep the downloaded file. In Chrome you need to click the 'Keep' alternative.

  • Click on the downloaded file to start the installation procedure.
  • Follow the screen instructions

  • If MS-Word 2007 will be used, the module ”Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime” must be installed.
    This is included in the EMGReportElement installation.
    - Open the Window File Explorer and navigate to ”C:\Program (x86)\EMG Report Elements\”.
    - Run the program vstor_x86 (32-bit Windows) or vstor_x64 (64-bit Windows) by double clicking the file.
    To check if a 32 or 64-bit Windows is installed, select: Start – Control Panel – System, and check at System Type.
    - Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After completed installation, start MS-Word.
    At first startup after installation, the Activation window is seen.
    To continue, the program must first be Activated using either Online or Offline activation.

  • Online Activation may be used if Internet is available.
    Insert the Product Key you received from Stalberg Software, in the lower left area and click [Activate] just below.

  • Offline Activation is used if Internet is not available from the computer where the program is installed.
    • Visit Stalberg Software Activate page from another, Internet connected device.
    • Insert the ProductKey and the MyID code manually and click [Get Activation Key]
    • An Activation Key and a Module Key is shown.
    • Insert the Activation Key and the Module Key and click [Activate] (lower right area).

  • If correct codes are entered, the program is activated and continues.
    A ProductKey can only be used once.
    An Activation Key is unique for one computer.
    In case of hard drive crash or computer replacement, please Contact Stalberg Software for instructions.

MS-Word settings

  • Verify that the EMG Report tab is available in MS-Word. This indicates that EMG Report Elements is active.

  • If the EMG Report tab is not seen, i.e. not installed/active, do the following:
    • Select File-> Options-> Add-Ins
    • Select ”EMG Report Elements” in the lower section ”Inactive Application Add-ins”
    • Select COM Add-In from the Manage list, and click ”Go”
    • Ensure EMGReportElements is checked and then click [OK]
    • Ensure EMGReportElements is seen in 'Active Application Add-ins' section and click [OK]
    • Verify that the EMG Report tab is enabled in Word.

Active Elements

  • Click [Options] in the EMG Report tab to verify enabled Report Elements.

Uninstall EMG Report Elements

To temporarily deactive EMG Report Elements Addin:
  • Select File-> Options-> Add-Ins
  • Select ”EMG Report Elements” in the upper section ”Inactive Application Add-ins”
  • Select COM Add-In from the Manage list, and click ”Go”
  • Uncheck EMGReportElements and then click [OK]
  • Verify that the EMG Report tab is not seen in Word.

To uninstall EMG Report Elements permantently:
  • Go to Windows Control Panel - Programs&Functions – EMG Report Elements – uninstall.
  • The configuration files are not removed during unstall. Make a backup of configurations files if manual modifications have been made and shall be reused.
  • Then manually remove the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Stalberg Software\EMG Report Elements folder for a complete uninstall.